Speed creating project summary

I have created an index page for the whole 30 day Speed Creating project so that it is easy to view here. Check it out in case you missed a day. I’ve received lots of pleasant emails and comments about the project so thanks for that. Currently I am being invited to talk about the project by different creative organisations so that is keeping me busy. The main aim of the project was to make things instinctively and force myself into making decisions quickly. I believe that some things can only be discovered by getting your hands dirty and just doing it. Try it, see if it works, if not then adjust it or learn from it and do something different. I think when the mind is concentrating on what the hands are doing then the sub-concious mind gets freed up to observe and make creative links. What may appear as a bit of fun to some is deadly serious work to me. Looking back, there is an eclectic mix to each day, it’s always difficult for people to pigeon hole me as a certain type of creative person who works in a particular way. I’m just interested in doing things that excite me and attempt to shine a little light through the fog of everyday normality.

Here is a list of some other examples of people’s creativity that have emerged from a process of thoughtful, hands on experimentation.

Vase Made by Bees
by Tomáš Libertiny who I met briefly in New York.
On his website you can see his full body sculpture made by bees (click through). Also see his tables made from the solder in a welding gun here
Maarten Baas is another example of a creative person who takes a path of experimentation in his work. His most well known work is his Smoke furniture range where he sets fire to furniture then strengthens it again with resin.
While I was at the Royal college of art there was a group of people who believed in re-thinking material use and making processes in order to create unique objects. One, more recent RCA graduate was Max Lamb who does some great work like this video of a table made from digging a hole in sand.

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