5 thoughts on “No more wet fingers in the air”

  1. what about those who are colour-blind (like me)
    maybe black, white, dots, dashes instead of colour. i mean, lets be practical here.

  2. You know, while I enjoy your ideas this one is a bit… dumb.

    Wind direction is constantly shifting so this device would be useless. Before long you’d have all balloons popped with no idea where the wind goes.

    A lot simpler and more practical would be just one balloon on a longer string with a circle at the top and where the balloon touches to have some pressure sensors and LEDs šŸ˜€ ok, so it’s not simpler at all but it would be more indicative.

  3. can you better this design please ? we are sick of dog poo in harringay, london. a humourus spin would be appreciated.

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