Day 12: Armswing chair

I visited a factory and looked around for something to make. I found some rope and a wooden armchair and decided to make a swing as there was a high beam on the ceiling.

Armchair Swing

Armchair Swing

Armchair Swing

Ron and Richard helped me put it up.

Armchair Swing

It took a little time to work out how to tie it securely.

Arm Chair Swing

Arm Chair Swing

My Dad re-living the good old days.

Arm Chair Swing

Arm Chair Swing

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10 thoughts on “Day 12: Armswing chair”

  1. as clever and cool as it is, i have to admit the overall effect is kind of ominous. if you objectively look at the picture of an old wooden chair tied to rope in a gray, seemingly abandoned old building, you feel like you’re walking into a horror film. not at all meant to be negative – i completely admire your creativity.

  2. I like the concept but the rope should pass under the seat, if doing this at home, to avoid bums on the floor if the glue fails.

      1. I think what Rufus was referring to was the glue that they use to hold the chair together. It’s a great and “creepy” design and I love it. I can’t help imagining what story might go along with something like this.

        I’m enjoying myself looking at your 30 days of Speed Creating. What a great way to jump start your creativity! Way to go! You’re a genius for sure!

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